Power Flushing

Power Flushing - Corsham Plumber - RJ Harte

Do you feel like your central heating system is not working as efficiently as possible?

Is the water running slowly? Does it appear dirty?

Do the radiators take a long time to heat up and have constant cold patches?

Is there a lot of noise from the system?

All of these things could be signs of a build up of scale and deposits within the system, which cause the water to move a lot more slowly.

Simply bleeding the system or using a regular flushing method wont be enough to clean out this debris.

RJ Harte use a system called the Clearflow CF30 for power flushing and descaling clogged central heating systems.

Power flushing pumps water through at a high velocity to blast away this build up, and yet the water pressure remains low enough to protect the inner workings of the pipes. Cleaning out the system in this way means it no longer needs to work twice as hard to pump the water around your home.

It is possible to flush each radiator individually without disconnecting it from the system which makes for a much faster and easier process.

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